Briar Heart Edit

"I can't believe we actually did this..." Briar started. "One day I was a little girl dreaming of adventure... But deep down I knew that I would never get that in a place like the Shire... My mother even told me that so I just... I dunno... Shrugged it off this whole time.... But now here I am... Out in the wide open... Gods this is so exciting!" Briar to Bilbo

Briar is a a young Hobbit with thick, black hair worn in tight braids shaped to look like ram horns, she possesses sparkling, pale green eyes and dainty, pale lips, she is shorter, and smaller then the average Hobbit, and she is said to possess an innocent look in her eyes that she seems to wear quite well. Often she's seen wearing a simple dress though when she's out and about with the dwarves she's seen wearing a hood over her dress, just as her hair is often seen up in complicated braids, it is more often seen down in thick black curly locks due to the fact that she is most likely unable to bathe.

History Edit

Briar is a young, (Around) 20 year old Hobbit who has never left the Shire, god forbid think about it, she's always been a little shy, often staying by her mother's side when she was little and sticking close to her no matter what, though she did have a few friends whom she'd play with, often going to the borders of the Shire to explore and getting in trouble afterwards, Briar has always just been a very simple Hobbit, obviously her life will change drastically now that Bilbo has dragged her away from the Shire to join the Dwarves in their journey to get their home back.

Personality Edit

Briar is described as a shy, clumsy, timid young Hobbit who is quite gentle and sweet although she had a bit of a mouth sometimes, not to mention she is a bit hard-headed, as said before Briar has always been shy, often sticking close to her closest friends and family (Ex:Bilbo) and preferring to speak when spoken to and not the other way around, she is quite clumsy and is said to fall down and trip over absolutely nothing quite a lot, often times this can cause troubles in trying to do something which requires walking or running, as for her timid trait she has always been easily frightened and even quite jumpy (Ex: During chapter two when she is sitting near the cliff, a loud screech is heard and she jolts up out of fear, resulting in her tripping and almost falling off the cliff, only to be caught by a rather annoyed Thorin), though she doesn't let it stop her, as said before she is quite gentle and sweet, these two traits go together quite well and make her very approachable and trustable, as no one would ever suspect a lie from someone such as her, and also as said before she has a bit of a mouth sometimes and is hard-headed, when she gets very frustrated she tends to become quite vulgar, which rarely happens, and as for her hard-headed trait she does not like to change her mind if she finds it unecessary, nor is she easily moved when she is determined to do something, though other then that she is a very friendly yet timid young Hobbit.

Trust In The Company Edit

Briar is well liked in the company and has had no problems thus far in said company, though Thorin does not seem to take well to her company, though in the last part of chapter four (Spoiler Warning!) he looks a bit sorrowfull and deep in thought as he listens to Bilbo explain why he was leaving the company as Briar stood next to him, equally sorrowfull and deep in thought. As the story goes on this part will be updated continuously.